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Mehrangarh fort

Mehrangarh fort outer view, India
Mehrangarh fort external view

From rugged mountains to the shimmering deserts, Rajasthan, the land of the Rajput royals, presents a wide spectrum of natural beauty. Added to it, are the beautiful palaces, formidable forts and famous monuments built by the royal dynasties of the bygone era. The state is a treasure house of magnificent architecture, array of natural beauty and rich cultural heritage. The forts and palaces, that have survived the ravages of time and witnessed the changing face of Rajasthan, are conserved as heritage buildings and are the main tourist attractions drawing huge inflow of travelers.

Gate India, Mehrangarh fort
Carving on rad and yellow stone, a gate at the Mehrangarh Fort, An example of good Architecture of Jodhpur, Rajasthan
Of many of the heritage buildings of Rajasthan, Mehrangarh fort, perched at the top of 150 m hill, can be included among the most magnificent forts of the state. In 1459, this fort in Jodhpur was built by Rao Jodha, the former ruler of the area but the later rulers added more features to it. Sprawled over large area, the imposing structure of Mehrangarh fort have seen many of the bloodshed of the royals and saluted the brave patriots, sacrificing their lives for Jodhpur. Among the seven gates of the fort, the second gate still stands with the scars of the cannon balls of the Jaipur army who attacked the fort many years before. There is the chatri or dome shaped canopy in memory of the Kirat Singh Soda, the soldier who died on spot while defending the fort.

Indian architecture, a courtyard at Mehrangarh fort
A Courtyard inside the Mehrangarh fort at Jodhpur internal architecture.

Mehrangarh fort, comprising of innumerable chambers and rooms, have been converted into one of the finest museum of Rajasthan. Visit to the museum is a must to know the history, heritage, culture and lifestyle of Rajput Royals. Tourists are mesmerised with the brilliant architecture, intricate wall art, glorious work on glass, delicate lattice work as they wander around the fort's different chambers named as Phool Mahal(flower palace), Jhanki Mahal( palace of glimpses), Moti Mahal ( palace of pearls) and more. There is the exhibition of rich collection of palanquins, royal attires, musical instruments, arts and paintings, furniture and other belongings of the royal family.

Jharokha at Mehrangarh fort, fine architecture India
Red stone Jharokha at Mehrangarh fort a beautiful example of Indian craftsmanship, and architecture at Jodhpur, Rajasthan

The formidable Mehrangarh fort, with its grandeur and grace, have made the travelers spellbound for years and will continue to do the same as it watches over the ever changing colors of Jodhpur.

Indian architecture, a view of Mehrangarh fort

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